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Vessel health is still a blackbox

90% of the world's goods are transported by ship. However, Vessel Health is still a blackbox.

The accident rate in shipping is astronomically high compared to other transportation sectors. Routine inspections are a burden for crews and don't produce reliable results or usable data.

This leads to a lack of confidence in processes & outcomes,
high maintenance costs and operational inefficiencies.
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Holistic Vessel Health Insight

Kaiko Systems is preventing merchant ship incidents & reducing downtime through advanced data analysis and intelligent decision support.

Operational Excellence

Save time

For crews
Kaiko Systems streamlines the routine inspection process via smart checklists. Provide guidance, enable easy & fast deficiency reporting and automate documentation.

For management
Turn routine inspections into structured data and actionable insights. Teams ashore can easily access real-time vessel health data, and receive risk-based notifications & alerts.

Kaiko Systems Overview Dashboard
Artificial intelligence

Increase efficiency

  1. Empower crews to adhere to standards, avoid negligence, and reduce human error.
  2. Analyze problem patterns across the whole fleet, receive automatic alerts and initiate concentrated campaigns.
  3. Make data manipulation impossible through transparent versioning and branching of data.
Kaiko Systems AI

Become proactive

The cloud-based solution enables fast report creation and easy collaboration on the most crucial topics. 

Proactively engage with your customers, suppliers and partners and provide a single source of truth for vessel health.

Kaiko Systems Deficiency Reporting

Aligning Incentives of the Maritime Ecosystem

Kaiko Systems maritime ecosystems

Reduce OPEX and
increase your profits.


Manage your fleet
more efficiently.


Ensure reliability
and collaborate easily.


Optimize risk and reward loss-preventing behavior.

Our Partners

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"We as marine experts support Kaiko Systems as a development partner. Their product brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the maritime world."

Oliver Schepers

Oliver Schepers, Managing Director

Ingenieurbüro OS Schiffahrts GmbH
Testimonial Image

"Once steeped in tradition, our industry is now undergoing monumental change and faces huge challenges to keep pace with such fast developments. Kaiko Systems brings genuine innovation and sustainable improvement to the maritime economy."

Lucius Bunk

Lucius Bunk, Managing Director

Auerbach Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
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