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Over 900+ vessels of all types operate with Kaiko Systems

Don’t let your operations be guided by guesswork.

Simplify inspections and maintenance

Get rid of paper-based frontline operations & desktop-only data entry. Allow crews to plan & document their work mobile-first.

Ensure data quality and standards

Provide visualized on-job guidance to crews, empowering your people to adhere to standards, avoid negligence, and reduce human error.

Generate actionable insights within minutes

Plausibilty checks & meta-data analysis automatically verify data generated onboard. This allows your shore teams to generate reports fast and reliably.

Automate administrative work  

Set up work orders, planned and condition-based maintenance and schedule recurrence based on time, usage and other triggers.

Increase productivity and boost ROI

Streamline and automate repetitive communication, freeing up your most capable people to take care of the most challenging projects.


Holistic and interconnected
inspection suite

Kaiko Systems prevents merchant ship incidents while optimizing operational efficiency through advanced data analysis and intelligent decision support.


Frontline work made simple and insightful

Ensure adherence to standards and proactively manage vessel health.

Remove language or experience barriers and bring multi media on-the-job guidance to the frontline

Immediately record data, inspection results & findings and eliminate double entries

Automatically verify and structure inspection data based on reliable meta-data analysis


Supercharge shore-side management

Boost productivity and quality through automation.

Generate structured vessel health reports in seconds

Instantly prioritize findings, identify potential risks, and take data-based actions

Automate follow-up & information gathering through self-learning models

Eliminate the grunt-work, so that your highest-payed experts can focus on the most important projects


Maximise Uptime, Minimize Costs

Make the most of your assets.

Access reliable vessel health data without sensor installation

Statistically predict deficiencies, and proactively assign and supervise work orders

Automatically give crews actionable recommendations, allow for fast reaction to findings

Measure crew performance, reduce human error and provide verified data to optimize insurance premiums

use cases

Interconnected modules provides holistic vessel analysis

Unified system designed to drive efficiency, improve decision-making, and fuel your team with actionable insights.

Hull inspections: Collect visual information and identify trends

Safety rounds: Ensure reliable safety inspections and fast reporting

Pre-PSC self-assessment: Minimize the risk of detentions & deficiencies

SIRE 2.0 self-assessment: Get ready for SIRE 2.0 with efficiency and clarity

TSI report: Generate reports and identify high risky areas in seconds

Document Management System: Compare, approve, and sync updates from shore to ship


Interconnected modules provides holistic and dynamic vessel analysis

Hull Inspections
Leveraging AI for corrosion detection, this allows for consistent and structured visual data, and facilitates predictive maintenance.

Monitor your vessel's health over time and proactively identify potential issues before they escalate.
Pre-PSC Self-Assessment
Maximize efficiency and mitigate detention risks.

Ensure thorough inspections with step-by-step guidance, and allow immediate rectification of findings on the job. Inspection reports are automatically generated, incorporating ratings, photographs, and pertinent notes.
Prepare for SIRE 2.0 with ease.

All questions are simplified into step-by-step guidance, and assigned to specific rank. Empowering crews for efficient self-assessments. Data can be processed into visual insights with a click, ensuring office readiness.
Safety round
Validate inspection plausibility, guarantee data to be 100% reliable, and generate actionable insights across your fleet.

Allow crews adherence to updated procedures, and timely, effort-based work analysis.
TSI Report
Before Elevate, everything was all over the place. There was no single place for our social media efforts. Now, we know exactly what each campaign or post is delivering, when it went out etc.
Document management system
Collect all data types in one app.

Upcoming inspection completion, reports and vessel assessments are automatically generated. Allow teams to know the actual vessel health score and potential risk areas.
use cases

Interconnected modules provide reliable and dynamic fleet health analysis

Hull & Equipment

Visualize trend development and identify corrosion using AI.


Maximize efficiency and mitigate detention risks.

SIRE 2.0

Ensure crew readiness and evaluate risk with ease.

Safety Inspection

Verify data plausibility and generate actionable insights.

Technical Superintendent Report

Plan, conduct, and generate TSI reports in one platform.

Document Management System

Effortlessly unify, edit, and sync updates from shore to ship.


Generate custom forms and get trustworthy reports instantly.


Flexible to cater to all types of checklists and data points.

Your shore team's virtual assistant

Effective technical operations come from reliable data

Get instant overview on fleet health,  know what happened, why, and which actions to take next.

Digitize and simplify onboard technical operations

Automatically verify and structure data

Optimize maintenance plan and cost with data-driven insights

Become proactive

Define benchmarks, receive real-time analysis, and set up work orders triggered by special events.

45% higher efficiency

Remove administrative overhead such as inputting information into excel sheets, double-checking information and compiling reports.

Vessel health is still a blackbox
90% of the world's goods are transported by ship. However, Vessel Health is still a blackbox.
The accident rate in shipping is astronomically high compared to other transportation sectors. Routine inspections are a burden for crews and don't produce reliable results or usable data.

This leads to a lack of confidence in processes & outcomes,
high maintenance costs and operational inefficiencies.
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Holistic Vessel Health Insight

Kaiko Systems prevents merchant ship incidents while optimizing operational efficiency through advanced data analysis and intelligent decision support.

reduce administrative overhead

Operational Excellence

For crews
Kaiko Systems streamlines routine inspections via smart checklists that enable easy & fast deficiency reporting.

For management
Turn routine inspections into structured data and actionable insights. Teams ashore can easily access real-time vessel health data, and receive risk-based notifications & alerts.

Kaiko Systems Overview Dashboard
Single source of truth

Systematic Data Management

  1. Empower crews to adhere to standards, avoid negligence, and reduce human error.
  2. Analyze problem patterns across the whole fleet, receive automatic alerts and initiate concentrated campaigns.
  3. Make data manipulation impossible through transparent versioning and branching of data.
Kaiko Systems AI
Advanced analytics

Proactive Safety Management

The trend analysis allows for proactive vessel health management, and the customizable analytics enables fast and easy collaboration.

Kaiko Systems Deficiency Reporting


Testimonial Image

“The benefits of digitizing inspections are obvious. We chose to partner with Kaiko Systems because of their ability to provide almost real-time fleet health insights. With their platform, crews are guided to conduct inspections, and can document manual work easily. Vessel visits have recently become an increasingly arduous process. Because the data is verified and structured, we now can examine the actual vessel condition thoroughly from the office. On top of which, findings are generated in the system automatically. This allows our technical team to make better decisions and focus the maintenance effort on the right areas and parts."

Dipl.- Ing. Bernhard Johannes Schepers

Managing Partner at HS Schiffahrts Group
Testimonial Image

"The integration of Kaiko Systems’ technology elevates our operational efficiencies to new levels, providing real-time insights into vessel condition. This not only drastically improves performance but also reinforces our commitment to regulatory compliance and safety standards."

Mark O’Neil, President and CEO

Columbia Group
Testimonial Image

“Complex data needs to be collected and analyzed on board and ashore. Our fleet is currently growing, and with increased size comes greater complexity in safety
management. With Kaiko Systems, we are able to solve this problem. Not only do we benefit as a ship management company and as a shipping community, but so do all of our employees who are responsible for the reliability of our fleet."

Jens Moje, Managing Director

USC Barnkrug
Testimonial Image

"Speed and accuracy are key to technical management. Kaiko Systems is able to verify and structure data into dynamic analysis automatically. This gives us visibility on how thorough our safety regime is carried out and allows us to identify off-hire risks and take action for our clients earlier. On top of which, the Kaiko Systems team is fast and eager to absorb new ideas to continuously improve their offering. We expect that working with Kaiko Systems will bring further improvements to our fleet performance and operational efficiency."

Francesco Canepa, Technical Director

C Transport Maritime
Testimonial Image

"Once steeped in tradition, our industry is now undergoing monumental change and faces huge challenges to keep pace with such fast developments. Kaiko Systems brings genuine innovation and sustainable improvement to the maritime economy."

Lucius Bunk

Lucius Bunk, Managing Director

Auerbach Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
Testimonial Image

"Kaiko Systems ensures data to be highly structured. Its mobile app guides seafarers through manual operations and data collection while automatically conducting plausibility checks. On top of which, the compression technology allows for fast data transfer, even with limited internet. This improves collaboration between ship and shore. We believe our partnership will bring technical departments efficiency, significantly enhanced data quality, and more proactive operations from day one."

Alexander Buchmann, CEO

Testimonial Image

"We as marine experts support Kaiko Systems as a development partner. Their product brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the maritime world."

Oliver Schepers, Managing Director

Ingenieurbüro OS Schiffahrts GmbH

Aligning Incentives of the Maritime Ecosystem

Kaiko Systems maritime ecosystems

Reduce OPEX and
increase your profits.

Manage your fleet
more efficiently.

Ensure reliability
and collaborate easily.

Optimize risk and reward loss-preventing behavior.

When you know what to optimize,
you can operate with confidence.

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