Operate with confidence.
Identify risks before incidents occur.
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Holistic Vessel Health Insight

Preventing merchant ship incidents & reducing downtime through advanced data analysis and intelligent decision support.


Improved confidence in
processes & outcomes

We provide teams on board and on land with user friendly tools, that ensure timely actions, diligent reporting and the collection of reliable data.


vessel health visibility

By breaking down paralyzing data silos and creating a single, unified data basis, important information is readily available.

Artificial Intelligence

No more surprises
and less off-hire

Our artificial intelligence identifies potential incidents before they can occur and notifies the relevant decision makers immediately.

Our Offering

We improve your operational efficiency, asset yield and bottom line.


Leverage reliable data to predict failures before they occur.


Understand the ideal course of action to solve any issue and avert incidents.


Control the health of your vessels anytime and anywhere.

Kaiko Systems
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