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Four Primary Types Of Data Analytics & Their Application In Maritime Safety Management

Facts and figures are meaningless if valuable insights that can lead to more informed actions cannot be generated. Here are how four primary types of data analytics leverage data to generate insights for maritime safety management.
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Computer Vision in Vessel Health Management

Computer vision trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world so that they can accurately identify objects and then react to what they see. In the maritime industry, computer vision provides powerful solutions to applications that necessitate object recognition, including inspection, localization, events detection, and information extraction, etc.
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How Operational Intelligence Bridges Technology and Business Model in the Maritime Industry

Operational Intelligence is a way to convert big data into smart data. It works with a combination of in-memory computing and parallel real-time data analyses with the purpose of delivering visibility and insight into business operations. This allows companies to access performance metrics in real-time, analyze problems, identify solutions, and show the future prediction.
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Streamlined and Proactive Maritime Asset Management

Ship crews are one of the largest factors that define a vessel’s operational performance, and therefore investing in technology that empowers them has a large RoI in terms of higher asset management quality, reduced incidents, fewer detentions, and higher operational efficiency.
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Top 5 Maritime Inspection Checklists In 2021 (Free to download)

While there are various checklists available, it is important to choose the ones that fit the company and the safety culture. Theses steps are suggested to follow when adapting safety inspection checklists.
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The Key To Insightful Safety Inspections Part 4:
Holistic Data Management

Most of the time, data gathered through routine inspections is not useable for sophisticated data analysis. Proactive management becomes impossible. Before we dive into how shipping companies can harness inspection data better, let’s take a look at the best practice process for extracting actionable insights from data.
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The Key To Insightful Safety Inspections Part 3:
Seamless & Improved Workflow

The majority of maintenance software runs on computers that are placed on the bridge. Before conducting the inspection, crew members have to check which inspections are due on the computer, print out the checklists, take their camera, and then conduct the actual inspection. Kaiko Systems simplifies this process by providing a platform to plan, conduct and report the whole inspection on one platform.
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Factor Analysis Between Human Error And Machinery Maintenance Activities

Human error factors can be broken into external factors and international factors: For external factors, there are two big categories - environmental and operational. Environmental reasons are factors like weather conditions and work temperature. Operational reasons include ship motions, noise and vibrations, workload stresses etc.
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The Key to Insightful Inspections Part 2: Data Verification

One concern that our customers often express is that they receive very brief and generic information about the vessel health condition in the regular inspection processes. In this post, we are going to explore the role of data verification - why it is decisive for vessel health management and how to fulfill this need.
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The Key to Insightful Inspections Part 1: Data Standardization

The routine inspection dilemma: Teams ashore want high flexibility, but on the other hand it is time consuming to process data with different labels. One way to solve this is to create a semi-standardized model of building blocks.
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15 Maritime Events Most Worth Attending  
(June to Dec 2021)

With the smooth international rollout of the vaccine in the first half of this year, major maritime events and conferences are preparing to receive their first round of offline attendees after one year of being online. This PDF provides a list of worth attending online, offline, and hybrid events in the 2nd half year of 2021.
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