Introducing the AI Plausibility Checks and Enhanced Inspection Tours

Learn about how AI plausibility checks and enhanced inspection tours enable better data-driven decisions and improve maritime industry safety.

Navigating through the vast sea of inspection data that the maritime industry generates can be challenging. The constant monitoring, interpretation, and verification of the reliability of the data provided by the crew members onboard can be a daunting task for shore teams. At Kaiko Systems, we are committed to transforming this complex process into a smooth sail by equipping our users with advanced, effortless data-driven decision-making tools.

AI plausibility checks for inspection tours

Our inspection analysis process is now using large language models (LLMs). Unlike traditional systems that judge inspections based on fixed parameters, our new approach uses these advanced models to optimize the accuracy of plausibility checks. This means the evaluation of effort needed is finely tuned to each unique inspection context, including the varying sections of the vessel and the specific vessel types. By leveraging the processing power of these models, users are now able to get even more precise, nuanced insights from the inspection data.

Additionally, recognizing the limitations of the previously binary system of 'Plausible' and 'Implausible', we've introduced a third category - 'Potentially Implausible'. This enhancement offers a more comprehensive perspective on data credibility. Despite the significant advancements of LLMs, providing a 100% indicator of plausibility can sometimes remain challenging. This acknowledgment ensures that users maintain a level of caution and consideration, especially when dealing with data that falls into this newly introduced category.

Our commitment to facilitating better data-driven decisions in the maritime industry continues with our revamped Inspection Tours. Given the critical role of ship inspection in maritime technical operations, we've enriched our tool to deliver an in-depth summary of inspection actions. Alongside the plausibility scores, users can now access a detailed explanation of each action. This enhanced visibility not only allows shore technical teams to evaluate the credibility of inspection tours more accurately but also strengthens safety measures onboard.

Better visibility into onboard operations

The AI Plausibility feature is designed to offer maritime companies an intuitive understanding of their inspection data credibility. It categorizes plausibility into three levels, providing insight into the likelihood of inspection data being reliable or unreliable. In an industry where accurate data can make the difference between smooth sailing and rough seas, this tool becomes an invaluable assistant for technical teams.

Consider a scenario where a routine data check flags a 'potentially implausible' inspection tour. Users can instantly delve deeper, utilize the enhanced inspection tours to identify irregularities, and take corrective measures. In another scenario, users receive 'plausible' data during a critical decision-making process. This assurance of reliable data allows technical teams to proceed with confidence, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations.

In conclusion, the AI Plausibility Checks is not just a feature - it’s a powerful tool in the data management toolkit, designed to ensure efficiency, safety in operations, and support accurate decision-making. 

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