Ensure PSC CIC On Fire Safety 2023 Readiness With Verified Data

Paris and Tokyo MoUs announced a fire safety Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) addressing onboard fire concerns. The 2023 CIC focuses on adherence and amplifying fire safety awareness, assessing key fire safety areas.

In response to observed deficiencies in fire safety over recent years, the Paris and Tokyo Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) have collaboratively declared a new Concentrated Inspections Campaign (CIC). Scheduled to span from September 1st to November 30th, 2023, the primary objective of this campaign is to emphasize Fire Safety protocols onboard ships.

2023 CIC Overview

During this campaign, Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will intensify their scrutiny, especially evaluating the crew's competence during fire drills and analogous emergency procedures. It's also important to note that additional MoUs may join this campaign, supplementing the regular PSC inspections.

• Scope: Passenger ships and cargo ships of 500GT and up.

• Timeline: From September 1st to November 30th, 2023.

• Objective: Create heightened awareness about the importance of fire safety measures on board ships, and verifying that vessels are in strict compliance with fire safety requirements as laid out by the relevant IMO instruments. 

• Coverage: Assessments during the CIC will encompass 10 key questions ranging from machinery to testing procedures and crew performance during fire drills. 

The Significance of Fire Safety

Even though fire represents one of the most devastating scenarios aboard a vessel and its severity is universally acknowledged, analyses of Paris MoU PSC reports over the past five years have consistently highlighted concerns about onboard fire safety. Consequently, the CIC's primary mission is to evaluate adherence to Fire Safety regulations.

Below are the 20 most common deficiencies detected during inspection published by Paris MoU. Among these, fire doors, alarm systems, fire detection, ventilation, and additional escape routes figure prominently. These items, essential to the core of standard fire safety inspections, are also focal points of the 2023 CIC.

Inspection results Deficiencies - Statistics from Paris MoU Port State Control

How to ensure CIC readiness

An inspection is only as valuable as its reliability.

The real challenge of CIC doesn't lie in knowing what to inspect but in ensuring the systematic and reliable implementation of safety measures and routine inspection protocols. 

Herein lies the advantage of integrating digital inspection tools, such as those offered by Kaiko Systems.

1. Inspection Plausibility Verified: No need to wonder if the inspections are done properly. With Kaiko Systems, all inspection's plausibility can be verified. This ensures that the data and findings recorded during inspections align with onboard realities, thereby amplifying the credibility of the inspection outcomes.

2. Vessel Health Visibility Enhanced: With all data verified and analyzed in the dashboard, Kaiko Systems provides a comprehensive lens into the health of a vessel. This not only facilitates fast reaction to findings but also enables the shore team to get an in-depth view of both the overall fleet condition and individual ship health metrics.

3. Step-by-Step Guidance During Inspection: Navigating the complexities of a PSC inspection can be daunting. Kaiko Systems eases this journey by offering on-the-job guidance through its mobile app, ensuring that crews are well-versed and aligned with inspection requirements.

4. Immediate Revelation of Findings: Any anomalies or deviations spotted during the inspection can be instantly reported via Kaiko Systems. This instant feedback mechanism ensures that any findings are immediately highlighted, paving the way for swift corrective actions.

Beyond Mere Compliance

At Kaiko Systems, the objective extends beyond mere adherence to standards and regulations — it's about setting a higher benchmark.

Currently, in collaboration with over 400 vessels managed by companies such as Columbia Shipmanagement, C Transport Maritime, and HS Schiffahrt, Kaiko Systems allows crews to plan, conduct, and report inspections in one platform. After verifying the data plausibility, the system then gives shore teams an in-depth and accurate insight into the true condition of the vessel, enabling shipping companies to proactively manage off-hire risks.

In light of the CIC, Kaiko Systems is introducing a unique offer: Shipping companies, irrespective of their fleet size, can access Kaiko System's CIC assessment module for a 3-month free trial.

The checklist in the Kaiko Systems' inspection app covers more than the 10 questions in this CIC campaign, but include all of the required areas that are around the inspection procedures, e.g: Are the emergency escape routes maintained in a safe condition? (07120/04103). All item will will have step by step guidance, and data can be verified to see if it's plausible. This will guide the crew through the relevant inspections and ensure that the shore team have an overview of the condition and any issues that need to be resolved.

Please register HERE to sign up for the free module. (Deadline: August 25th, 2023)

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