F. Laeisz will carry out ship inspections with Kaiko Systems

Kaiko Systems has announced the fleet rollout of Reederei F. Laeisz, a pioneering German shipping company with a 200-year history of progressiveness. This collaboration sees the rollout of Kaiko Systems' cutting-edge AI-powered software across Laeisz's 18-vessel fleet. The move aims to modernize maintenance processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring real-time fleet condition monitoring.

  • Reederei F. Laeisz rolls out Kaiko Systems' solution on their fleet of 18 vessels.
  • The shipping company aims to continously optimising the condition of the fleet and thus prevent unpleasent surprises.

A comprehensive modernisation of the maintenance processes

The Rostock based shipping company Reederei F. Laeisz rolled out Kaiko Systems’ software solution for condition monitoring on the 18 vessels in its fleet. The two companies announced this today. By using the solution, F. Laeisz aims to increase the operational efficiency of its ships and modernise its fleet management.


F. Laeisz is one of the most long-established German shipping companies, which has been known for its progressiveness and constant innovation in the 200 years of its existence.   


Kaiko Systems offers an app-based, intelligent, and user-friendly tool for ship inspections. It structures and analyses the data collected on board by the crew based on AI and provides insights into the condition of the fleet almost in real-time, identifies potential risks, and provides a basis for decision-making. 


F. Laeisz had previously used a proprietary system to monitor the condition of its fleet but wanted to comprehensively modernise its maintenance processes. The company was faced with the choice of developing its own new system or using an existing solution on the market. After extensive testing, F. Laeisz opted for Kaiko Systems, a software-as-a-service solution that had already proven itself many times over on the market.


"We have high demands on our new system," says Harald Schlotfeldt, Technical Director at F.Laeisz. "The software must, of course, be state-of-the-art. It must be easy and quick to implement so that the changeover is as simple and convenient as possible for our teams on board and ashore. And it must help us to continuously optimise the condition of our fleet and thus prevent unpleasant surprises during maintenance procedures.  The software from Kaiko Systems fulfills all of these requirements. The time savings, the increased energy efficiency and the cost savings that we can achieve with Kaiko Systems have convinced us."


F. Laeisz wants to use the software to intensify collaboration between the teams on land and on board, simplify processes and thus reduce administrative costs, and ensure continuous monitoring of the vessels from land, which was previously not possible with the usual two to three ship visits per year. 

Kaiko Systems also offers a wide range of helpful features, from corrosion detection and photo documentation to compliance checks and job-specific guidance and information in the app, all designed to increase the efficiency and transparency of operational processes on board the vessels. 

F. Laeisz is also currently preparing for the switch to the SIRE 2.0 ship inspection system, which places high demands on the crews. With Kaiko Systems, this switch to SIRE 2.0 is much easier to implement, as the tool offers users on board an end-to-end self-assessment and inspection preparation product. Its content has been developed together with global tanker and SIRE 2.0 experts.


Fabian Fussek, Co-Founder and CEO of Kaiko Systems, says: "F. Laeisz decided in favor of Kaiko Systems because our product combines all the advantages: it is a best-in-class solution that has been tried and tested on the market and can also be tailored to the company's needs with a high degree of flexibility. We are delighted to be able to support such a well-known shipping company in comprehensively modernising its processes and positioning itself optimally for the future."


About Kaiko Systems

Berlin-based Kaiko SystemsGmbH was founded in late 2020 to make shipping safer, smarter, and more collaborative. The tech company has developed a smart and user-friendly data collection and analysis tool that provides shipping companies and their stakeholders with comprehensive insights into the manual part of technical operations, such as inspection and maintenance. With a user-friendly mobile app, crews are able to continuously collect reliable technical data on the job. The automated, AI-based analysis then provides shore teams with data-based insights on potential risks and efficiency gains. Disruptions and downtimes of ships can thus be reduced. For more information, visit www.kaikosystems.com  


About F.Laeisz

Founded in 1824, F. Laeisz is today a diversified shipping group with activities in the areas of ship owning, brokerage and insurance. Reederei F. Laeisz G.m.b.H. ist he group's internal ship manager with offices in Rostock and Bremerhaven.

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