HS Schiffahrts Group Digitizes Inspections & Reporting with Kaiko Systems

Kaiko Systems and HS Schiffahrts Group have partnered to further digitize the Group's technical management processes across its entire managed fleet. The solution will digitize routine safety inspections, visual hull and equipment inspections, as well as occasional reports

  • HS Schiffahrts Group rolls out Kaiko Systems' solution on their fleet of 45 vessels.
  • The solution digitizes paper-based inspections & manual crew reporting through a mobile-first & data-driven approach.

Kaiko Systems and HS Schiffahrts Group have announced a partnership to further digitize the Group's technical management processes across its entire managed fleet. The solution will digitize routine safety inspections, visual hull and equipment inspections, as well as occasional reports e.g. for stevedore damages, empowering HS Schiffahrts Group to achieve greater levels of safety and efficiency.

HS Schiffahrts Group has been actively implementing digital solutions to increase the fleet management capabilities. After testing Kaiko Systems' solution on one container vessel for two months, HS Schiffahrt Group was able to confirm the benefits of reduced effort & increased transparency for both crews and technical superintendents on inspection and reporting. In addition, the data collected is standardized and findings are surfaced automatically. All of this contributed to HS Schiffahrts Group's decision to roll out Kaiko Systems' on the entire fleet of container and bulk carriers.

Dipl.- Ing. Bernhard Johannes Schepers, Managing Partner at HS Schiffahrts Group, commented: "The benefits of digitizing inspections are obvious. We chose to partner with Kaiko Systems because of their ability to provide almost real-time fleet health insights. With their platform, crews are guided to conduct inspections, and can document manual work easily. Vessel visits have recently become an increasingly arduous process. Because the data is verified and structured, we now can examine the actual vessel condition thoroughly from the office. On top of which, findings are generated in the system automatically. This allows our technical team to make better decisions and focus the maintenance effort on the right areas and parts.”

"We certainly feel proud to be working with such a well respected company as HS Schiffahrts Group," said Fabian Fussek, Co-Founder and CEO of Kaiko Systems. "Their speed of execution and focus on effective operations are inspiring. Notably, we have witnessed an increasing number of family-owned companies taking well informed and decisive action when it comes to digitization. These companies possess a clear understanding of the problems they need to address and are fast at evaluating solutions. This trend indicates that mobile-based inspection is on the verge of becoming ubiquitous throughout the industry. Kaiko Systems is dedicated to providing pragmatic and reliable solutions that yield immediate value for our customers. Our growing fleet serves as a testament to the performance and versatility of our solution.”

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence

HS Schiffahrts Group has also taken advantage of new features from Kaiko Systems, including Company Forms and AI-based corrosion detection. Company Forms are used to identify and automatically fill in overlapping information across all reports. This will further increase operational efficiency on the shore side. AI-based corrosion detection provides a more precise and objective way to quantify corrosion of a vessel's hull and equipment. By leveraging these solutions, HS Schiffahrts Group is anticipating a strong return on investment through more focused maintenance, improved efficiency, and minimized deficiencies.

About HS Schiffahrts Group

HS Schiffahrt Group is a highly qualified and experienced ship management company with a proud family tradition in the maritime industry. Founded in Haren (Ems), Germany in 2000, by the brothers Bernhard Johannes and Heinz Josef Schepers, the company has grown to manage a modern fleet of 45 merchant vessels with approximately 520 employees onshore and offshore. The success of the HS Schiffahrt Group is based on its commitment to innovation, efficiency and safety, which has made it a reliable partner in the industry. Learn more: www.hs-schiffahrt.de

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