Superintendents express 100% trust in the data collected through Kaiko Systems

Kaiko Systems addresses the challenges of data verification, and offload burdens for both crews and the shore team. 

It’s important to monitor the health of a multi-million dollar worth asset regularly especially when it’s carrying valuable goods and its staff in salty water every day. Routine inspections need to be conducted thoroughly, and the inspection data has to be reviewed and analyzed carefully. Many shipping company customers of Kaiko Systems were experiencing concerns of implausible inspections that can’t uncover risky deficiencies that lead to high maintenance costs, downtime, or even big incidents.  

Both their shore teams and crews were under a heavy workload, and the pandemic had increased the difficulties of properly evaluating the vessel condition. Crews were conducting all the inspections on paper and digital cameras. After completing the inspection works, crews then needed to input the result in excel and sent it to the shore team. The process was tedious and required double work. For the shore team, it was hard to know the thoroughness of the inspection, and verifying the actual inspection data was also impossible. Potential risks could not be addressed in time. Teams could only react to deficiencies that already happened.

Solution with Kaiko Systems

Kaiko Systems addresses the challenges of data verification, and offload burdens for both crews and the shore team. 

First, technical managers and technical superintendents adapted the paper-based and excel-required inspections into Kaiko Systems smart digital checklist. This process was no-code and the drag-and-drop adaption process was less than one hour. 

During the inspections, crews then utilized the Kaiko Systems app on a mobile device to perform the tasks with visualized reference. The app can guide the crews to collect objective inspection findings with ratings, take pictures from the right perspective, and write down the notes on the spot without being connected to WiFi. 

After the inspections, the system automatically verifies and structures the inspection data. The shore team can log into the dashboard and receive the full report of the inspections, including the number of findings, the urgency of deficiencies, the number of components that were inspected, the thoroughness of the inspection, and which inspections were implausible, etc. They can also drill down into each component and check how the component develops over time in order to determine when to take maintenance actions. With the verified and standardized data, the technical team can also set up metrics to benchmark across the whole fleet.


The below result is from a ship technical management customer of Kaiko Systems. The fleet has 60+ vessels and is managed by 14 technical superintendents. Each TSI manages up to 5 vessels.

After 2 months of trial on 6 vessels that are managed by 4 TSIs, the crews were able to save 50% of the time spent on inspections. Instead of processing and comparing data, the shore team can now focus their expertise on processing findings and maintenance tasks. The estimated productivity increase was 45% for condition & maintenance management. On top of this, all TSIs expressed that they 100% trust the data Kaiko Systems provided. 

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