The Key to Insightful Inspections Part 2: Data Verification

Only data that reflect real-world situations, useful insights can be generated. This makes data verification a crucial step to vessel health management.

In the previous blog post, we explained how data can be standardized to create a unified database. This allows creating actual insights from the collected data. In this post, we are going to explore the role of data verification, why it is decisive for vessel health management and how Kaiko Systems fulfills this need.

One concern that our customers often express is that they receive very brief and generic information about the vessel health condition in the regular inspection processes. For example, the result of a monthly check of 180 fire dampers is “All in good condition”. More often than not, Port State Controls still note several fire dampers in unacceptable condition. Resulting delays or detentions are costly, time consuming and frustrating for all parties involved.

How to verify safety inspection data

A detailed vessel setup helps crew members to conduct a thorough and fast inspection of all components with a smart, digital checklist. Following the most efficient path saves time and makes the process easier for the officer in charge. Recording data directly at the point of interest reduces the need to spend long hours documenting the findings afterwards. Random picture prompts ensure adherence to standards.

Additionally, collecting meta-data not only allows verification of the asset condition, but also enables crew performance measurement. Because every item is checked off individually from a list, the effort spent on an inspection can be assessed in the form of time spent and distance walked during the inspection.

AI-based analysis automatically evaluates the effort spent on inspecting a certain component based on historical data. Users get notified if the system suspects that an inspection was not properly conducted, and a conversation can be initiated to ensure compliance with the ISM code.

How does Kaiko Systems help?

Kaiko Systems gives the crew a user-friendly way to conduct inspections and document day-to-day operations without the need for a digital camera, paper checklists, manually compressing pictures, filling in complicated templates or sending emails. This makes administrative work much more efficient, saving 50% of time spent on inspections compared to the previous process. At the same time adherence to standards and a high level of diligence is ensured.

Shore teams in technical and HSSQE departments receive inspection results in a dashboard that is intuitive to use and visualizes data in a comprehensive way. Confidence in processes and outcomes is improved, and maintenance follow-up is fast and easy.

Reach out to learn more about our solution and how safety tech can help you improve efficiency and reliability.

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