Top 5 Maritime Inspection Checklists In 2021 (Free to download)

With the amount of heavy machinery, dangerous objects and challenging conditions, working on a vessel at sea carries many risks. Inspection checklists play a critical role in preventing maritime incidents. They not only help to ensure crews don't forget any crucial steps, but also help to identify potential hazards.

While there are various checklists available, it is important to choose the ones that fit the company and the safety culture. The below steps are suggested to follow when adapting safety inspection checklists:

      ●  Analyze what goals different stakeholders need to derive from the results
      ●  Review past injuries and losses
      ●  Take the updated standards and regulations into consideration
      ●  Match with your safety programs
      ●  Make sure the checklist considers all the senses: Hearing, touch, smell, sight, etc
      ●  Collect feedback from the HSSEQ team
      ●  Request input from end users like crews and shore team
      ●  Review and update regularly, especially for new equipment
      ●  Stick to routine inspections
      ●  Organize the checklists and make sure data entries share standardized labels

The following is a list of 5 maritime safety inspection checklists that have been adapted from the relevant regulations to demonstrate compliance. These show which measures are essential for maritime safety.

Safety Equipment
To keep the crew safe at sea and in port, the SOLAS requirements need to be followed and all Safety equipment on the vessel needs to be checked on a regular basis. This checklist supports the crew in making sure that nothing is forgotten and allows the inspections to be completed more efficiently.

Download →

Preparations for Sea
Checking all necessary requirements and taking into account the weather is important when you are planning the next part of the voyage. Use this checklist to properly complete all necessary steps when planning the next passage.

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Passage Planning
Checking all necessary requirements and taking into account the weather is important when you are planning the next part of the voyage. Use this checklist to properly plan out your passage.

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Anchoring and Anchor Watch
Many things can go wrong while the vessel is at anchor. With this checklist, the crew will remember to check every detail and mitigate the risk of any incident.

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Restricted Visibility
Maneuvers in environments with restricted visibility present unique challenges to the officers on board. Use this checklist to make sure that the right process is followed during navigation.

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Digitized inspection checklists can be updated without causing confusion for the crew and also ensure that every check required by the safety program is properly completed.

With the Kaiko Systems App, crews can be guided to complete digital checklists for many different occasions. This removes the need for old paper based checklists and desktop based data entry after an inspection has been completed, saving crews 50% of the time required for inspections and associated reporting. Using the Kaiko Systems dashboard allows different stakeholders to visualize the safety of the vessel in real time.

Share with us your paper-based checklists. We will show you how to digitize the inspection process with little investment in time and effort, while saving significant administrative overhead, preventing deficiencies, and optimizing maintenance planning and costs.

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