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Mobile-first guidance empowers the frontline, cutting-edge technology automatically verifies and analyzes information.

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Kaiko Systems is an end-to-end solution for routine inspections conducted by crews.
As a data driven company, we understand that automation is not about collecting all the data and then being overwhelmed, but about collecting the right and meaningful data. That’s why we emphasise on empowering crews to collect meaningful data, while making the process simpler, easier, and more rewarding. Our products have proven to save crews up to 50% of their time spent on inspections. Management teams increased their confidence in collected data and efficiency in proactive planning.

How it works

Plan, Conduct, Report &  Analyze
in one Platform

Mobile First & Streamlined

Frontline Workflows

Empower your crews to easily adhere to standards, avoid negligence, and accelerate manual data collection. Made for harsh, remote environments, the app is always available no matter the connectivity.

Kaiko Systems Guided Survey Tool
Measurable & Verified

Meta Data Analysis

Measure spent effort in the background and generate precise performance reports. Automatically analyse results through machine vision & algorithm-based metadata analysis.

Kaiko Systems Meta Data Analysis
Simplified & Fast

Deficiency Management & Reporting

Collaborate between ship and shore while documenting corrective actions, defining preventative actions and performing root cause analysis. Follow up and manage findings with ease.

Kaiko Systems Root Cause Analysis
Actionable & Prioritized

Automated Decision Support

Focus your attention on the most important situations, guided by real-time vessel health data. Automatic classification generates alarms and monitors problem patterns across your fleet.

Kaiko Systems Decision Support

Use Cases

Ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.

Pre-PSC checks

Minimize the risk of detentions & deficiencies

Improve quality

Ensure every item is inspected properly with in-app guidance.

Save time

Allow crews to conduct manual work and document findings efficiently.

Standardize reporting

Automatically create inspection reports with ratings, pictures, and all relevant notes.

Hull inspections

Collect visual information and identify trends

Standardized data

Ensure all pictures are taken from the same perspective & angle every time.

Objective ratings

AI corrosion detection automatically processes the pictures and quantifies the condition.

Trend analysis

Visualize vessel health development over time and identify issues before they occur.

Safety Rounds

Ensure reliable safety inspections & fast reporting

Streamlined process

Standardize safety rounds across your fleet and ensure adherence to expected standards.

On the job guidance

Onboard, train & guide crews on the job, always on the latest versions of procedures.

Plausibility checks

Analyze meta-data and ensure work is done on time and with the desired level of effort.

Custom Checklists

Fully flexible customisation - for standardised data at scale

Company forms

Digitize all your existing checklists, reports & individual company forms

Minimized overlaps

Collect data only once, and then export and use it in multiple reports & forms

Intuitive interface

Simplify the data collection for crews and the data analysis for technical management

Our Competitive Advantages


Conduct inspections on the go


Collect, report, and rectify with one platform


Automatically generate verified data


Visualize and break down complicated processes


Quantify and benchmark vessel health


Get useful insights fast


Stay in charge, with easy oversight


No hardware requirements and launch in days

Remote Setup and No Hardware Installation

The setup is quick and straightforward, without the need for dedicated hardware. All you need is a smartphone on board.
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"Kaiko Systems simplifies routine inspections for our crews and improves transparency in operations. The trend analysis allows us to make better informed and proactive decisions."

Lucius Bunk
Founder & Partner, Auerbach


Testimonial Image

“With Kaiko Systems, seafarers can conduct many manual operations easily using mobile devices. The solution works cloud-based and also offline, which enables seamless collaboration between ship and shore. We expect this to result in significant process optimization, higher data quality, and more proactive safety management. At the same time, we are pleased that our crews on board are also significantly relieved from the heavy documentation workload and can work more efficiently."

Demetris Makaritis, Technical Director

Marlow Navigation
Testimonial Image

“Complex data needs to be collected and analyzed on board and ashore. Our fleet is currently growing, and with increased size comes greater complexity in safety
management. With Kaiko Systems, we are able to solve this problem. Not only do we benefit as a ship management company and as a shipping community, but so do all of our employees who are responsible for the reliability of our fleet."

Jens Moje, Managing Director

USC Barnkrug
Testimonial Image

"Speed and accuracy are key to technical management. Kaiko Systems is able to verify and structure data into dynamic analysis automatically. This gives us visibility on how thorough our safety regime is carried out and allows us to identify off-hire risks and take action for our clients earlier. On top of which, the Kaiko Systems team is fast and eager to absorb new ideas to continuously improve their offering. We expect that working with Kaiko Systems will bring further improvements to our fleet performance and operational efficiency."

Francesco Canepa, Technical Director

C Transport Maritime
Testimonial Image

"Once steeped in tradition, our industry is now undergoing monumental change and faces huge challenges to keep pace with such fast developments. Kaiko Systems brings genuine innovation and sustainable improvement to the maritime economy."

Lucius Bunk

Lucius Bunk, Managing Director

Auerbach Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
Testimonial Image

"Kaiko Systems ensures data to be highly structured. Its mobile app guides seafarers through manual operations and data collection while automatically conducting plausibility checks. On top of which, the compression technology allows for fast data transfer, even with limited internet. This improves collaboration between ship and shore. We believe our partnership will bring technical departments efficiency, significantly enhanced data quality, and more proactive operations from day one."

Alexander Buchmann, CEO

Testimonial Image

"We as marine experts support Kaiko Systems as a development partner. Their product brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the maritime world."

Oliver Schepers, Managing Director

Ingenieurbüro OS Schiffahrts GmbH

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