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Kaiko Systems is an end-to-end solution for routine inspections conducted by crews.
As a data driven company, we understand that automation is not about collecting all the data and then being overwhelmed, but about collecting the right and meaningful data. That’s why we emphasise on empowering crews to collect meaningful data, while making the process simpler, easier, and more rewarding. Our products have proven to save crews up to 50% of their time spent on inspections. Management teams increased their confidence in collected data and efficiency in proactive planning.

How it works

Plan, Conduct, Analyze, and Report Inspections In One Platform

Mobile First & Streamlined

Guided Inspection

Empower your crews to easily adhere to standards, avoid negligence, and collect the most comprehensive information - all while performing inspection tasks, going through checklists or reacting to alarms.

Kaiko Systems Guided Survey Tool
Measurable & Verified

Meta Data Analysis

Generate and track key performance indicators of crew operations, set up incentive systems and perform plausibility checks.

Kaiko Systems Meta Data Analysis
Simplified & Fast

Deficiency Management & Reporting

Collaborate between ship and shore while documenting corrective actions, defining preventative actions and performing root cause analysis. Follow up and manage deficiencies with ease.

Kaiko Systems Root Cause Analysis
Actionable & Prioritized


Focus your attention on the most important situations, guided by real-time vessel health data. Automatic classification generates alarms and monitors problem patterns across your fleet.

Kaiko Systems Decision Support


Hull & Equipment

Collecting Real Data While Reducing
Administrative Burden

Plausibility checks

Duration of inspection
Effort invested
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User Experience Design

Up to 50% time saving
No more template filling
Easy to report deficiencies
Incentive system

KPIs and measurements
Monthly contests
Performance-based rewards

"Kaiko Systems simplifies routine inspections for our crews and improves transparency in operations. The trend analysis allows us to make better informed and proactive decisions."

Lucius Bunk
Founder & Partner, Auerbach

Remote Setup and No Hardware Installation

The setup is quick and straightforward, without the need for dedicated hardware.All you need is a smartphone on board.
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