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New maritime
industry paradigm

Transportation and logistics will be the next industries to experience a fundamental shift towards digitalization and automation. As in other industries, there will be clear winners & losers.

Cutting-edge technology enablers

About 65% of the global merchant fleet will be equipped wit VSAT by the end of 2020. Your competitors will soon leverage data to improve their processes. Lead the change, let them follow.

Our values

Our state-of-the-art encryption technologies ensure that the highest security standards are applied to protect this data. Keeping your information safe is our top priority. All information is collected and processed in an efficient, transparent and purpose-oriented manner.


Data manipulation is made impossible through transparent versioning and branching of data.


Users are always in full control of the data and information they generate about their vessels.


By applying rigorous security rules, every user only has access to the data that they are authorized for.

Our beta will be released soon.
We develop the product in close collaboration with selected industry partners. Contact us immediately to gain a competitive advantage by using our platform.
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