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Nord/LB partnered with Kaiko Systems to conduct remote vessel inspections with accuracy and transparency


The Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale (Nord/LB) is a German Landesbank and one of the largest commercial banks in Germany.

For different occasions, like S&P activities, it is important for Nord L/B to conduct a thorough inspection and assess the vessel's market value.

Kaiko Systems facilitates data-based collaboration by allowing ship management companies to collect relevant information themselves, without the need for physical presence by a surveyor. A guided self-assessment is conducted by the designated officer over a period of time. The valuation expert receives accurate and standardised data, and can request additional details. This brings flexibility and improved quality, while eliminating travel completely.

Through Kaiko Systems, Nord L/B was able to:

Increase the quality and confidence of inspection data

Schedule and access desired areas flexibly

Conduct vessel condition assessment remotely

Reduce the cost of vessel inspections

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