Navigating digitized inspections: How to Set it up to gain value from day 1

Essential features that bring immediate value to both crews and TSIs

How to ensure seamless integration with your team’s current workflows

Planning, conducting, and evaluating a quick trial

Efficient full fleet roll-out action plan

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"Safety systems and processes are fundamental drivers of efficiency and margin gain."

- Lloyd's Register


Your fleet deserves a modern tool

Ensuring an effective technical management is crucial for maintaining a vessel's value, and protecting the wellbeing of the crew.

Paper-based inspection procedures are known to be time-consuming, prone to human error, and often create unstructured data.

This presents challenges in accurate assessment of vessel health, managing findings in time, and in analyzing inspection data to identify trends and gain insights.

These challenges, in turn, hinder the company’s ability to make informed decisions.

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Make the most out of digitized inspections from day 1

Digitization can be complex. We get it.

With challenges in integration, usability, and significant upfront investment, many organizations see the benefits but hesitate to take a step forward.

Already partnering with over 400 vessels managed by industry leaders such as Columbia Shipmanagement, HS Bereederungs, C Transport Maritime, Kaiko Systems is helping to get value from digitized inspections from day 1.

We've experienced effective trials, fast rollouts, and have earned a stellar avg. recommendation score of 9 out of 10 from our crew users. Join us as we reveal the best practices on digitizing inspections that help to:

Eliminate inefficiencies and reduce inspection time by 50%

Ensure consistent, structured, and reliable inspection data for trend analysis

Enable off-hire risk mitigation

Integration with the current workflow

Fast report generation


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“The benefits of digitizing inspections are obvious. We chose to partner with Kaiko Systems because of their ability to provide almost real-time fleet health insights. With their platform, crews are guided to conduct inspections, and can document manual work easily. Vessel visits have recently become an increasingly arduous process. Because the data is verified and structured, we now can examine the actual vessel condition thoroughly from the office. On top of which, findings are generated in the system automatically. This allows our technical team to make better decisions and focus the maintenance effort on the right areas and parts."

Dipl.- Ing. Bernhard Johannes Schepers

Managing Partner at HS Schiffahrts Group
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"The integration of Kaiko Systems’ technology elevates our operational efficiencies to new levels, providing real-time insights into vessel condition. This not only drastically improves performance but also reinforces our commitment to regulatory compliance and safety standards."

Mark O’Neil, President and CEO

Columbia Group
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“Complex data needs to be collected and analyzed on board and ashore. Our fleet is currently growing, and with increased size comes greater complexity in safety
management. With Kaiko Systems, we are able to solve this problem. Not only do we benefit as a ship management company and as a shipping community, but so do all of our employees who are responsible for the reliability of our fleet."

Jens Moje, Managing Director

USC Barnkrug
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"Speed and accuracy are key to technical management. Kaiko Systems is able to verify and structure data into dynamic analysis automatically. This gives us visibility on how thorough our safety regime is carried out and allows us to identify off-hire risks and take action for our clients earlier. On top of which, the Kaiko Systems team is fast and eager to absorb new ideas to continuously improve their offering. We expect that working with Kaiko Systems will bring further improvements to our fleet performance and operational efficiency."

Francesco Canepa, Technical Director

C Transport Maritime
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"Once steeped in tradition, our industry is now undergoing monumental change and faces huge challenges to keep pace with such fast developments. Kaiko Systems brings genuine innovation and sustainable improvement to the maritime economy."

Lucius Bunk

Lucius Bunk, Managing Director

Auerbach Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
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"Kaiko Systems ensures data to be highly structured. Its mobile app guides seafarers through manual operations and data collection while automatically conducting plausibility checks. On top of which, the compression technology allows for fast data transfer, even with limited internet. This improves collaboration between ship and shore. We believe our partnership will bring technical departments efficiency, significantly enhanced data quality, and more proactive operations from day one."

Alexander Buchmann, CEO

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"We as marine experts support Kaiko Systems as a development partner. Their product brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the maritime world."

Oliver Schepers, Managing Director

Ingenieurbüro OS Schiffahrts GmbH